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What are the benefits of wearing a custom wig unit?

  • Gives your natural hair a break from heat.
  • Encourages Hair Growth 
  • Allows you to change your hairstyle texture/color without having to chemically alter your natural hair.
  • Allows you to remove wig as often as you like to effectively treat your natural hair.
  • More cost efficient compared to sew in weaves.
  • Can last up 2-4 years with proper maintenance. 


Whats is the difference between a Closure and Frontal wig unit?

Lace Closures:

  • Closures are ideal for first time wig wearers and beginners.
  • It requires minimum maintenances compared to a lace frontal.
  • Lace closures are available in all different sizes, ex. 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, & 7x7. There are available in different colors to match the skin tone (Transparent, Brown, Swiss, & HD)

Lace Frontals:

  • Great options to conceal entire hairline
  • More versatile styling options as there is a larger parting space.
  • Requires more maintenance than a lace closure.